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1 Products - SanaGPS


Brand Name : SANA-AIS140


  1. AIS 140 Certified Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Unit
  2. Solid State Storage with 40000 tracking records.
  3. 4 Digital Inputs,2 Digital Out puts,2 Analog inputs
  4. Serial Port (RS232)
  5. 3 Axis Accelerometer and 3 Axis Gyrometer
  6. Large battery backup of 700mAh
  7. Data to 3 different IP addresses
  8. Embedded Dual Sim Support
  9. Support ‘Over The Air’ (OTA) firmware and configuration updates.
  10. All Type Of Passenger Vehicles
  11. Real-time tracking with GPS/Glonass.
  12. Geo Fence
  13. Overspeed Alarm
  14. ACC Ignition Detection
  15. Over Voltage Protection
  16. Power Off Alarm (Tamper Device)
  17. GPS Satelite & LBS Base Station dual mode Positioning
  18. Build in Battery 700mA/H
  19. One Year Warranty

Price – Rs.13000

Brand Name : SANA-200


  1. All Type Of Vehicles
  2. Real Time Tracking
  3. Geo Fence
  4. Overspeed Alarm
  5. Mileage Statistics
  6. ACC Ignition Detection
  7. Over Voltage Protection
  8. Tele-Cut (Petrol/Electricity)
  9. 10M Accuracy
  10. Vibration Alarm
  11. Power Off Alarm (Tamper Device)
  12. GPS Satelite & LBS Base Station dual mode Positioning
  13. Build in Battery 450mA/H
  14. Input Voltage 9-100V
  15. 1 Year Warranty On Device

Price – Rs.5500

Brand Name : SANA-105


  1. Dual Sim Support
  2. All Type Of Vehicles
  3. Real Time Tracking
  4. Geo Fence
  5. Overspeed Alarm
  6. Mileage Statistics
  7. ACC Ignition Detection
  8. Over Voltage Protection
  9. Tele-Cut (Petrol/Electricity)
  10. 5M Accuracy
  11. Vibration Alarm
  12. Power Off Alarm (Tamper Device)
  13. GPS Satelite & LBS Base Station dual mode Positioning
  14. Build in Battery 350mA/H
  15. Input Voltage 9-100V
  16. Micro phone
  17. Support siren
  18. Support Remote controller
  19. Support Temperature Sensor
  20. Support Fuel Sensor
  21. Support RFID
  22. Support Camera
  23. Support Shock Sensor

Price – Rs.12000

Brand Name : SANA-300


  1. All Type Of Vehicles
  2. Smallest Gps Design 
  3. Real Time Tracking
  4. Geo Fence
  5. Overspeed Alarm
  6. Mileage Statistics
  7. ACC Ignition Detection
  8. Tele-Cut (Petrol/Electricity)
  9. 15M Accuracy
  10. Vibration Alarm
  11. Input Voltage 9-100V
  12. Power Off Alarm and Build in Battery
  13. GPS Satelite
  14. Build in Battery 170mA/H
  15. 1 Year Warranty On Device

    Price – Rs.5000

Brand Name : SANA-100


  1. All Type Of Vehicles
  2. Very Smallest Gps Design 
  3. Real Time Tracking
  4. Ultra-low power consumption
  5. Input Voltage 9-90V
  6. Geo Fence
  7. Overspeed Alarm
  8. Mileage Statistics
  9. ACC Ignition Detection
  10. Tele-Cut (Petrol/Electricity)
  11. 10M Accuracy
  12. Vibration Alarm
  13. Power Off Alarm and Build in Battery
  14. GPS Satelite
  15. Build in Battery 100mA/H
  16. 1 Year Warranty On Device

    Price – Rs.4500

Brand Name : SANA GPS Server


  1. Unique User ID and Password for each user 
    for SANA GPS server
  2. Admin can create multiple group and provide separate access for each group. 
  3. Track n number of vehicles Access anytime from anywhere-24/7-365 days
  4. Real-time vehicle locations through Satellite view, Terrain view and Live Traffic view.
  5. Generates Trip Sheet like Travel Summary, Idle Summary, Stoppage Summary, AC Summary, AC Misused Summary etc…..
  6. Graphical Representations like Distance, Duration, Personal Graph and Schedule Graph to visualize large fleet data with attractive interface.
  7. Dedicated Features like Geo fencing, POI, RPM Status, Fuel Summary with alerts facility.
  8. Download reports like trip sheet in your desired format like PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, XML, CSV….
  9. 50+ Vehicle Alerts, Get notifications to your iphone or Android devices, via e-mail, Mobile App, or SMS.
  10. Adaptable on any device and browser you like to use.
  11. Supports Additional Hardware like Temperature Sensor, RFID, UHF Reader, Panic Buttons etc…
  12. SANA GPS will work in all popular GPS tracking Devices like GT06N, Wetrack2, Teltonika, HT100, HT200, SANA-200, Wetrack Lite, ET300, ET300B etc.,